Jul 14, 2012

Game of Throne MMORPG But...but...

Here you go - They finally nailed it, an MMORPG of HBO's hit series "Game of Thrones" and it's coming 2013. But checking out the video you might get disappointed especially for hardcore mmorpg gamers that's been playing for a long time now. For the loyal fans of the TV series it won't be an issue cause they just don't care - loyal fans will always be loyal fans and they'll still play it.

I have a hunch that this will be a Pay-To-Play game but in order to do so, they should start fixing those lame graphics. Dragon Nest and other MMO's will just trample this quality all day long! If they're serious about releasing the game then they should not rush things cause in the end they'll just be hurting themselves. Believe me failures like this happens. Just look at Final Fantasy XV which is now in serious situation.

In fact, the series is totally hot right now so creating a game in parallel up to season 4 of the series is probably Ok. I'm sure that the quality and the length of time is still sufficient enough for the popularity and the quality of the game to be polished. Anyway here's the trailer of the game.


Jun 29, 2012

So Blade and Soul will not be Free To Play at All!

Yes you heard it right - One of the most anticipated mmorpg finally went to Open Beta last week in Korea and obviously players dashed out to taste Blade And Soul. Which could possibly trump Blizzard's all time MMO leader World Of Warcraft. It's still too early to tell if the game would be a success but checking out the stats from THISISGAME, the recently released ARPG Diablo III was out ranked by... you guessed it right... BLADE and SOUL. 

One possible reason for this is are Diablo III's server issues where most players complains of in-game lag and difficulty entering into the game. We can't blame Blizzard for this since it's been reported that a simultaneous attempts of more than 600K players logged into the asian server alone was from Korea and that's a massive load for the server to process... but dang! Blizzard all you've done was to apologize, you should provide a rebate for all the things that happened!

Anyway... Plans for Blade and Soul Commercialization will be on 30th June and that means OPEN Beta will end too. The bad thing about it is that the game will using the Pay 2 Play infrastructure which amounts to almost $20 USD. $19.81 to be exact. And this made me realize that the game will most likely not be introduced and localized for the Filipino Audience. I'm 90% sure about this so just kill your hopes for the game. Watch anime titles instead - Kuroko No Basket is a good entertainment too. :) Here's the official Open Beta Trailer BTW.



Jun 20, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Preview!

I've been missing Resident Evil Series ever since I played it on the Play station and just seeing this full gameplay video of the upcoming game for the XBOX 360 add up the excitement for the game. I'm actually more of a Claire fan but playing Leon on this game is not that bad at all. The Cutscenes and game play videos are all mixed up so you might confuse yourself because of the graphics.

Now are you going to chose a 360 or the PS3? tat's going to be a tough choice but judging from the selection of games today I think PS3 has an edge in terms of it's graphical capabilities. Now that we have a glimpse of Wii U are you going to buy Nintendo's latest console? Though not graphically powerful as the PS3 I think it's still an edge with regards to playability!

Ok that's all for now, don't forget to check my Kuroko No Basket page!

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